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We worked for months and could not make a deal work. Then we spent two hours with the people from BestPOF. With their help we realised that we could make the deal work and the proof of funds we needed was one quarter the size of what we thought. We saved 75% of the cost, we finally got our deal moving and all parties are happy.

David, African Commodities Trader
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After many months of frustration I was lucky to stumble across BestPOF. Within a very short time they were able to explain to me what I had been doing wrong. BestPOF helped me reformat my deals, and reformat my need for proof of funds. Now my deals are running smoothly. The consultation with BestPOF was the most productive thing I ever did. I made more progress in two hours than I had in four months.

Ray, Asian Importer
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BestPOF told me that my deal would not work. I was very disappointed and frustrated. BestPOF also told me exactly what I had to do make it work. At first, I just left it alone for a few weeks. After a few weeks I tried again and followed the advice given to me by BestPOF. All of a sudden it was as if the lights had been turned on. I had no further issues obtaining the proof of funds documentation I needed. It was actually more affordable the way they suggested, it fitted into my budget easier and the deal moved ahead.

Anil, European Scrap Metal Merchant

What is POF?

A document which demonstrates that a person or company has a certain financial standing.

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Best POF Deal Flow

Depending on the size of your POF requirements, you will need to go through one of these processes.

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POF Do’s & Don’ts

Learn about the most important rules in the proof of funds industry

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Proof of Funds

A document which demonstrates that a person or company has a certain financial standing. It usually comes in the form of a bank, thrift, security or custody statement. It may be issued by a ‘’non bank’’ financial entity such as a hedge fund or investment fund. POF may be communicated via letter, email, fax or SWIFT messages.



“Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications” – provides secure mechanisms for electronic interbank messaging and funds transfer. Read more.



MT760 is primarily used as a either a bank guarantee or a standby letter of credit.
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MT710 is an advice of a Third Bank’s documentary credit.
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MT999 allows bank-to-bank SWIFT electronic verification for Proof of Funds in compliance with the SWIFT Category 7 message types.
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